Geodesic Domes

The basic design of a geodesic dome (portable frame dome) consists of an external shell stretched over a framework and an inner projection shell positioned within the frame, creating a small gap in between. This space, known as the inter-dome area, is where a vacuum is generated to uniformly stretch the projection surface of the inner dome.
The optimal vacuum tension of the inner surface makes great tension of screen even when the dome entrance door is open.
Traditional portable planetariums good for indoor installations, requiring only about 5 minutes for dome setup. However, their outdoor use presents challenges due to their lightweight inflatable nature, making them less suitable for windy or rainy conditions.
Geodesic domes are built on a robust metal framework, enveloped in a specialized material designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow. The metal frame itself remains sturdy, even when subjected to the weight of an adult, making it highly convenient for updates to the decorative elements of the dome.
Geodesic Dome without outer shell
Geodesic Dome
Open dome
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